Tree Report for Byron Shire Council

Northern Tree Care have compiled this report on instruction from Byron Shire Council. There are three (3) Liquidamber trees Liquidambar styraciflua growing in the footpath next to the Bottle shop in Byron St, Bangalow.

These trees have caused the pavers to move, creating a trip hazard in the footpath.

This report was compiled by Peter Gray Dip Hort (Arb). of Northern Tree Care. Peter Gray is an arborist with over 15 years experience. He has been providing tree reports for Local Government, State Government and private clients for over 12 years. The information contained in this report is true and accurate to the best knowledge of the author. Best professional judgement was used to make the recommendations contained in this report.

Peter Gray is a trained and experienced practitioner of Quantified Tree Risk Assessment (Ellison 2007) and is a Consulting Arborist registered with  Arboriculture Australia No. 2344.

Download Report:
Byron Bay Liquidamber Tree Report.pdf

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