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For services in Arboricultural Assessment Reports, Arborist Tree Surveys, Tree Risk Assessment and Expert Witness Statements

Arboricultural Assessment Reports

At Northern Tree Care, we provide detailed tree reports to clients, who include local government authorities, corporations, industry bodies, private landholders and developers.

These reports can be requested to resolve a range of tree issues: 

• Town planning or development applications 

• Tree risk assessment 

• Disease diagnosis and treatment 

• Tree health and management 

• Dispute mediation 

• Land and Environment Court cases 

A typical tree report is a comprehensive document and typically contains:

• The aims of the report

• Detailed description of the trees

• Details of the site

• Tree health and management 

• Risk assessment  

• Recommendations & References

Recommendations are often wide-ranging and ensure that action can be taken. They may include:

• Retention and protection  

• Treatment

• Remedial action including pruning

• Hazard reduction measures

• Removal of trees

Arborist Tree Surveys

We also conduct detailed tree surveys for a range of individual, corporate and government clients. These surveys usually involve the identification, counting and mapping of trees and where required, detailed descriptions of their condition. 

Tree Risk Assessment

Tree owners and managers have a duty of care to ensure that the level of risk associated with them is managed properly. This is especially important in public areas, schools and other high use locations. 

Arborists Approach to Calculating Risk from Trees 

To the non-professional, assessing risk from trees is virtually impossible, since it requires specialist knowledge and experience well beyond that of any layman. As professional arborists, we have a responsibility to do this, providing best advice based on many years of development of our expertise. I, Peter Gray, have trained extensively in tree risk assessment with both QTRA’s Quantified Tree Risk Assessment and VALID Tree Risk-Benefit Management. 


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